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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Basic Russian. How to Master Russian Alphabet and Pronunciation

    • Slides-introduction

    • Lecture 1. Introduction. Alphabet and sounds. Is it so difficult?

    • Lecture 2. Consonants and Vowels. Hard and Soft Consonants

    • Lecture 3. Consonants and Vowels. Hard sign and soft sign. Train your skills!

    • Lecture 4. Train our pronunciation: hard and soft consonants

    • Lecture 5. The secrets of devoicing and vocalization of consonants

    • Lecture 6. More vocalization!

    • Lecture 7. Softening of consonants? Yeah, let it be softer;)

    • Lecture 8. Eversoft and everhard consonants. What's that?

    • Let's talk about division of Russian consonants

    • Lesson 9. Let's repeat what we've learned together

    • Lecture 10. Let's talk about assimilation of consonants

    • Lecture 11. Assimilation...more

    • Lecture 12. Reduction of vowels. The role of vowels in the Russian alphabet

    • Let's talk about vowels

    • Lecture 13. Repeating is the mother of learning (c)

    • Vowels and Consonants. Repeat!

    • Lecture 14. Details of Russian pronunciation. Speak like a native!

    • Intonation

    • Lecture 15. Repeating

    • Train your pronunciation!

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