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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Basic Russian: Let's count! Express Course.

    • Lecture 1. Privet!

    • Lecture 2. How Old Are You?

    • Lecture 3. Old or Young?

    • How Old Are You?

    • Let's talk about age

    • Lecture 4. Much or little?

    • Lecture 5. Learn Days of Week of Russian, or When?

    • Lecture 6. Weather, Months and Your Birthday.

    • How's the weather?

    • Let's talk about weather!

    • Lecture 7. Congrats!

    • What time is it?

    • Let's talk about time!

    • Let's talk about days of a week!

    • Lecture 8. How Much? When? Cheap or Expensive?

    • How much?

    • Extra Links for You

    • Decline and Conjugate!

    • Let's talk about your ordinary day!

    • Your short story

    • Lecture 9. Paka!

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