Let's Count in Russian

Let's count in Russian! Express course!

taught by Maria Dubovitskaya

Course description


Do you want to learn counting in Russian?

This express course is for you!

9 Russian classes - Online meetings with a native tutor - Surveys - Quizzes -Discussions

The Russian course is intended for Russian learners who want to learn how to count in Russian correctly. You'll be able to ask about age and price, time and days.

You can learn when you want and continue your study when it's okay for you. No harsh time limits just your motivation. Set a pause in your lesson and go back when you are able to!

At the end of the Basic Russian course you will be able to:

  • Use basic numbers in Russian
  • Master quantitive adverbs in Russian
  • Use different forms of numbers
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Maria Dubovitskaya
Maria Dubovitskaya
Founder and Russian Tutor

Hi! I'm Maria, a native Russian Tutor. I'm a Historian, with a Master's Degree in Records Management and Quality Systems.

After years of exploring I decided to create such a Russian course which would help beginners and any people who had interest in Russian to learn Russian easy and fast. The result is FluentinRussian© (All You Need About Russian). This resource accumulates teaching and having fun (with singing!) in Russian studies. Try the easy course Russian for survival!